Muddy River Lodge

Muddy River Lodge, ND

Client: Halliburton
Timeline: 75 Days

When you find something that works, you stick with it. That was the approach our client company took when it saw the temporary housing facility we had built for the Olympics at Whistler. The only problem? It was 1,400 miles from the Bakken. No problem for our transportation logistics team. In just 75 days, we had dismantled, moved and rebuilt the entire complex right where our client needed it – complete with the R-40 insulation, radiant heating and the largest function room in North Dakota. We even built a red roof at special request to align with their brand.

Key Challenges

Short timetable. Transporting modular structures 1,400 miles. Extreme cold.

The Extra Mile

In order to offset costs for outsourcing the cleaning of oversize arctic clothing, we created an industrial laundry facility specifically for our client’s employees.