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Woodstock '94 & '99, NY


  • 29,000 fans transported
  • From 40 states & 20 countries
  • By airplane, boat, helicopter, private cars, coaches & limos
  • VIP client packages
  • 24-hour shuttles



Client: Pepsi, MTV, A&M Records
Timeline: 5 Days

“The New York Thruway is closed! Isn’t that far out?” While those words made history back in 1969, traffic jams were one thing the organizers of the Woodstock reunions did not want to repeat. That’s why they called us. We not only did the basics, such as reducing traffic, managing parking, and providing safe and convenient travel for thousands of fans, we also offered some creative transportation solutions based on more than 20 years of travel experience: group transport from key departure cities all over the country; VIP packages with backstage access; 24-hour shuttle services. It all went into making sure the Woodstock reunions were all about being there, not getting there.



Remote location. High-volume crowds. Riots.


Drawing from our extensive event experience, we contributed many non-transportation initiatives that added value – and ticket sales – for our clients.