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Refinery turnaround logistics – on time and on budget

You have 10 weeks to complete an oil refinery turnaround, and you have to find transportation and housing for the workers you’ve hired in the meantime. Where do you start? With Target Logistics. When it comes to something as critical as a turnaround, we have the most valuable tool of all: experience. From charter air services (provided by our own travel company) to managing temporary hotel contracts, we not only know how to get it done, we know how to think on our feet when your turnaround doesn’t go exactly as planned. More workers? More housing? More food? Whatever your turnaround needs, we know how to make it happen. Our refinery turnaround services include:

  • Charter air service to turnaround contractors
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Travel professionals available 24 hours
  • Manage hotel and private housing contracts
  • Airport and worksite shuttles
  • Cruise ship charters/floatels
  • On-site turnaround staff

Case study:

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