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Tioga Lodge, ND


  • 858 rooms (3 room types)
  • Water treatment facility
  • Insulated central corridor
  • 24-hour dining
  • Fast food café
  • Convenience store
  • Barbershop


Client: Hess Corporation
Timeline: 75 Days
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After spending a day in the oil fields with wind chills bottoming out at -70°F, our client wanted to make sure its Bakken oil field workers had someplace warm to come home to. That's why we recommended and installed a fully enclosed semi-permanent camp with "dorm-style" bedrooms and our signature Central Corridor — the spine of the lodge which provides an environmentally controlled link to all the rooms in the facility so there is never any need to brave the elements when going to eat, work out , relax in the sauna or just play a game of pool. And to keep their car engines warm, we also provided 100 parking spots equipped with heater blocks.



Extreme cold, (-40°F/C). Winter temperatures eight months of the year. Wind chills reaching close
to - 100°F.


Installed 4,375 kw redundancy generators at client’s request, as well as tornado and gas detection systems.