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BASRA TRAINING FACILITY, IRAQ — Being responsible for security at any temporary lodging facility is a challenging operation. But doing it in a war zone takes something special — like our Tier 3 Security protocol.

That’s what we implemented when we took over the building and management of a facility housing Iraqi border guards in training in the volatile Basra region. We spared no detail: the training camp was surrounded with a 50-foot armed perimeter and digital POE Cameras, with 100 percent of the facility monitored, plus secure living quarters to include hardening-–barriers, netting, window Mylar. We also secured and monitored all living necessities and accommodations: buildings, water, storage, sewage, generators, and electrical lines to ensure the safety of the entire operation.

Not everyone needs this level of security for their workforce. But it’s always good to know that when you do, Target Logistics can deliver it.

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