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Target Logistics Workforce Lodges. Please don't call them man camps.

When people hear the term mancamp, it conjures up imagery of a shanty-town of tents occupied by construction gangs who stay up all night drinking and gambling away their paychecks. But drive up to any one of our workforce lodges and mancamp will be the last word that comes to mind.

Iron-clad security – It all starts with our 24-hour security team that requires an ID and authorization for every person it allows past the front gate. Upon entering the facility, workers use hotel-style key cards to gain entry to each building as well as their own bedrooms.

Zero tolerance for alcohol and firearms – Another way we differ from the man camp stereotype is that firearms and alcohol are not allowed at any Target Logistics lodge. It's a policy that was created in cooperation with our clients and one that helps maintain a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests.

The Economics of Comfort – Whether it's our restaurant quality food (available 24 hours a day), our Hibernator Sleep System, fitness centers, game rooms or saunas, one look inside and you won't be calling it a man camp either. Everything we do is designed to keep workers healthy in both body and in mind. It's an investment we call the Economics of Comfort. And one that pays big dividends to clients trying to attract and keep the best workers.