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Hovensa Turnaround, St. Croix


  • Refinery turnaround
  • Hundreds of flights booked
  • Housed 1,500
  • During high tourist season
  • Transport to/from jobsite/airport



Client: Hovensa
Timeline: 10 weeks

It’s one thing to provide accommodations on short notice to workers for an oil refinery turnaround. It’s another to do it during the peak of tourist season on St. Croix. But for Target Logistics, it was simply another job to get done. Drawing from more than 25 years of large-event logistics, we housed 1,500 workers between January and March in major hotels, private homes and condos. We also used our own in-house travel department to provide our clients with affordable airline tickets, private airport shuttles, and convenient transfers to and from the jobsite  – at a moment’s notice.



High tourist season. Housing shortage. Limited access.


Every second counts in a turnaround. Therefore, we made our staff available 24 hours a day to assist with housing and transportation needs.