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Cheecham Lodge, Canada


  • 382 beds (three room types)
  • Insulated central corridor
  • 24-hour dining
  • 24-hour security
  • Internet café with free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness and rec center
  • Kitchen and dining facility



Client: Various

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When we took over the Chard Open Camp we had our work cut out for us. The camp was run down. Beds were uncomfortable. Food was low in quality – and quantity. Enter Target Logistics and a $10 million renovation that transformed the camp into the Cheecham Lodge, with all of the comforts and amenities of our exclusive Economics of Comfort™ platform, proven to increase worker productivity. From our Hibernator™ Sleep System that keeps workers well rested to the insulated central corridor that lets them access every amenity without ever having to go outside, the Cheecham Lodge delivers the first-rate guest experience for which Target Logistics has become known.


Extreme cold and
biting winds.
Remote location.
Complicated renovation.


In order to create a positive, comfortable and productive experience for our guests, we conducted an unprecedented research study in Ft. McMurray to find out what the Canadian oil worker wanted most.