Understanding and Retaining the Millennial Workforce

In many industrial sectors, including oil, gas, and construction, experienced workers (especially Baby Boomers) are retiring with fewer younger workers to take their place. As “The Great Crew Change” continues, smart companies need to adapt to the unique needs of younger workers, especially the Millennial workforce. The same tactics that worked in the past won’t necessarily work in today’s environment. How can companies step up their efforts to recruit Millennials for critical roles in the rotational workforce? How can they recruit these valuable, trained employees and keep them on board?

The Dangerous Impact of Commuting on Workforce Safety

When it comes to remote worksites in the oil and gas industry, or on isolated construction sites, lodging options are few and far between. It is common practice for employers to  provide their workers a per diem for housing expenses, and let it go at that. That approach saves money, but it comes with a big catch; workers often have few options except for inadequate accommodations, a long drive away from the job site. These long commutes have a major effect on sleep, job performance, and, most importantly, safety.